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Email Marketing Prices
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Email Marketing Prices


Pay Monthly Email Marketing Plan

Our Pay Monthly plan is very simple - just like a mobile phone contract, your inclusive email credits are re-set at the end of each month.

You add a card to the system. The system bills the card for the package you choose unless you decide to cancel. This is cheaper than our Pay as you Go plan, as your card is billed each month automatically, however there is still no obligation or contract, and because you pay in advance, you will never owe any money, even if you cancel.

Emails per month Cost per month Cost per email
1000 £15 1.5p
2000 £25 1.25p
3000 £35 1.12p
5000 £45 0.9p
10,000 £80 0.8p
15,000 £105 0.7p
30,000 £150 0.5p
50,000 £200 0.4p
100,000 £300 0.3p
150,000 £375 0.25p
200,000 £450 0.22p
300,000 £570 0.19p
500,000 £750 0.15p
1,000,000 contact us <0.1p


Pay as you Go Email Marketing Plan

Just like a Pay as you Go mobile phone, you simply top-up with email credits when you need to, and your email credits will not expire.

This costs a little more, but we won't charge your card automatically - you need to add credits each time you want to use the system. This option suits occasional senders the best as there is no monthly bill to worry about. If you decide to increase the frequency of your mail shots, then you can upgrade to a Pay Monthly plan at any time, using the Control Panel.

Email bundle Cost per bundle Cost per email
100 £5 5p
250 £8 3.2 p
500 £15 3p
1000 £25 2.5 p
2000 £45 2.25p
3000 £65 2.17p
5000 £100 2p
7500 £140 1.87p
10,000 £180 1.8p
15,000 £262 1.75p
20,000 £290 1.45p
30,000 £360 1.2p
50,000 £450 0.9p
100,000 contact us <0.7 p